23 juli 2010


Some days ago i were asked by Ravekommissionen to make a flyer for their next breakcore/dubstep-event "M.A.S.H. #2", which i did(flyer coming up anyday now)... At the same time i also made this mech for them, enjoy!

21 juli 2010


Sat down with illustrator last night and made this "masterpiece":]
I dont know really, kinda abstract in some ways... but eh, Mickey MECH, enjoy!

13 juli 2010

CHTDOOFS, when those perfect lines takes a vacation.

Sometimes it's nice to let them "perfect lines" go on a vacation for a while, and this week has been perfect for them to take a while off... Because the weather here in sweden (like all over europe i guess) have been Very hot and humid, so i cant really concentrate, and that fucks up my lines, hehe. So i give you this childish, not-so-perfect-lines drawing, called CHTDOOFS.

1 juli 2010


Just started working with Adobe Illustrator again, so i did some kinda mash-up of Nintendos old Famicom Disk System and ugly faces.